6amEarly Morning Edge Tunes
7amBreakfast on the EdgeDirt Music (s) - 2SER
Roots and Roll
Edge Tunes
8amLost in Science (s) - 3CR
Lose Yourself in a World of Science!
Sleep In Sounds - Mat O
Sounds To Snooze To
9amThe Wire (s)
Independent Current Affairs
Conversations - Sharon
Community local issues with a tilt towards philosophy.
New Music on Edge Radio
Find Out What's New and Cool
10amThis Way//That Way Radio - Cory & Guests
Honest chats about sex, relationships, bodies and health
All The Best (s) - FBi
Radio Storytelling and Documentaries
Edge TunesThe Fourth Estate (s)
Discussing media and journalism current affairs.
That's What I Call Science! - Niamh Chapman & Guests
A Scientific Spin On The Issues You’re Most Interested In
Cantonese Banter - Sharon
Promotion of the Cantonese language
Adrian's Attic - Adrian
Diverse music & a little poetry
Edge TunesMedia Shower - Qom & Lochie
11amX-Press Radio - Mosaic Support Services
Tune in for wicked topics, projects and cool music!
The Book Shelf - Arianne
A show on books and writing and and everything in between
X-Press Radio - Mosaic Support Services
Tune in for wicked topics, projects and cool music!
What the Bloody Hell is Going On? - Zeke
Tasmanian News
12pmMonday LunchboxTuesday LunchboxWednesday Lunchbox
Thursday LunchboxFriday Lunchbox
Edge TunesOff The Record (s) - 3RRR
More Old-Fashioned Than Ever Before
1pmAmrap Radio Program
New Australian Music
Chinese Community News, Hot and Trendy Topics, Reading Time and Interview Stories - Yongbei,& Guests
Chinese cultures, Students' Life and Migrant Interviews
2pmEdge TunesMental Connections - Wendy & Nicholas
Mental Health in Tasmania
Courageous Conversations - Speak OutOff The Record (s) - 3RRR
More Old-Fashioned Than Ever Before
Edge TunesScratching the Surface - Steve
Post-rock, Psychedelia, and Punk. What more is there?
Courageous Conversations - Speak Out
3pmEdge TunesEdge Presents
Special One Off Listening
Edge Tunes
The Wire (s)
Independent Current Affairs
4pmContact! (s)School of Rock - The School of Rock team
Skooling You On The Airwaves
Edge TunesUniversal Traveller - Naomi BaltynMedia Mothership - Dr Craig Norris
Tackling ideas through analysing media and pop culture
New Releases Show (s) - 4ZZZ
So New It Hurts
5pmTimeStop Tunes - Oli
Travelling through the decades, past to present, every week.
Film Central - Chloe & Duncan
Film related news & reviews
The Penalty Box - Cameron, Connor & Fred
Weekly Dissection of Local & National Sport
The Indie Electro Breakdown - Ben
Showcasing the newest sounds in the indie and electro scene
Kpop Unlimited - Taylor Lidstone
Kpop Music
Edge TunesThat's What I Call Science! - Niamh Chapman & Guests
A Scientific Spin On The Issues You’re Most Interested In
Edge Tunes
6pmWhat I Say - Elliott, Ben, & Rob
Music: all genres, all eras
The Map - Aeron
Trawling Through The Tasmanian Tangle.
The Ride - Pete
Music, pop culture... What else is there?
Thursday Feels - Kiz
Moods, memories & daydreams! Soundtrack your soul with Kiz
You Can't Sit Down - Adrian
Dynamic 60's style pop, soul, ska and new wave music
7pmMy Vinyl Weighs a Ton - Bruno
Dusty fingers, digging funk, jazz & afro grooves
Edge TunesUnder the Influence - Lee
A selection of music that inspires the musicians
Live Delay (s) - 4ZZZ
Raw Live Power
In The Moment - Russell
Improvised music of all genres
8pmThe Lo' Sound - Stu & Andy
Doom metal
Prognosis - John
Prog Taken Over The Edge
Sonic Salad - Paul
A healthy salad of electronic music from the producers view.
The Tiki Lounge Remix (s) - Seth Jordan
World Music, Contemporary Jazz, Beats & Exotica
Edge Tunes
9pmThe Essentials of a 90s Kid - DJ & David
Entertainment as experienced by a 90s kid
Local Arts and Strange Music - the always amazing Paul
Hobart arts news, information and weird music
Sonography - Peter
Experimental music & soundscapes
Voice of Chaos - Berto
100% Aussie Heavy Music
10pmEdge TunesEdge TunesSub-sequence (s) - 2XX
Your Weekly Dose Of Electronic Goodness
Live Delay (s) - 4ZZZ
Raw Live Power
Australian Music Is Bloody Great
11pmLate Night All Aussie
Just Aussie Music
12amEdge Tunes All Night Long
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