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Thursday Feels with Kiz

Welcome to Thursday Feels

It’s a bit of a vegemite music show, depending on your mood.  

Thursday Feels chases the moods that define our lives through the power of music. You’ll be transported to another place as moods, memories or daydreams are sparked. 

Playlists have been curated not by an algorithm, but by me, your host Kiz Tia. I've got a vast library of music at my fingertips. From electronic dance, funk, soul and hip hop, to afrocelt, punk, R&B and brit pop to dancehall... the list could go on. You can expect surprise discoveries, hidden gems, and, of course, some familiar favourites. 

Shows themes will range from gut wrenching breakup songs to summertime microbrewery tunes, or cosy cottage winter vibes to proper street party bangers. Thursday Feels will leave no stone unturned.  

You can find playlists here on Spotify, to listen when the mood strikes you.  

For sneak peeks of upcoming shows and to share your musical moods, then connect with me here on Facebook and Insta. 

And if you like any of the music: own the magic, buy the music and support the artist. 




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