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Film Central with Chloe & Duncan

Join Film Central each and every Tuesday as we review the movies that have crashed into our cinemas during the week! From the independent films (that aren't so independent anymore), to the constant stream of blockbusters (usually something from the pages of a comic book!), as well as films from around the world, you can trust Chloe and Duncan to be sitting in a darkened room somewhere.  

We'll be there reviewing, making sure that the film thing is still a good thing, giving you an idea of what you can expect and how good they all are!  We pick apart the latest, and sometimes not so latest films, in an everlasting quest to find another film that truly moves us.  Which honestly can be either truly amazing, truly bad or just good old truly middle of the road popcorny goodness and/or badness!  Whichever way, Film Central's Chloe and Duncan are happy to watch absolutely anything!

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