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Survivor Oz with Ben Waterworth

Survivor Oz is Australia’s only radio show dedicated to one of the World’s biggest and most influential TV shows in history Survivor, airing on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm on Hobart’s Edge Radio.

Spinning off from Edge’s Friday breakfast show The Brink in 2012, the first episode aired in February 2012. Initially the first Survivor related segment aired on The Brink titled Survivor’s On The Brink in 2011 with Season 17?s Gillian Larson being the first guest. After bringing numerous other guests on the show, it was announced that the show would spin-off into its own one hour slot, creating the only Survivor related show in Australia! The show was then renamed into Survivor Oz and the rest is history!

The aim of the show is to bring Survivor castaways, past and present, to the airwaves and give their unique individual insight into the world of Survivor. Ultimately we aim to get every single contestant in the history of the show on our show (and you can keep updated on this goal via our ‘interview count’ on the right hand side of the page) , and while we know this may take some time, it’s something that we won’t give up on! Each week on average we bring two different contestants talking about their experiences, from why they applied to thoughts on some of the bigger characters from the history of the show. We also put a set of 5 ‘unique’ questions to each castaway, to really get their thoughts heard on everything to do with Survivor.

With listeners from every corner of the globe, this is a show for every single Survivor fan on the planet! If you can’t tune in live online or via the radio streams in Hobart, you can catch-all our interviews downloadable via podcast to stay up to date. We also always appreciate your feedback as well as giving you the chance to put the questions to your favourite contestants, so make sure you always stay tuned to find out who you can ask questions to!

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