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RnB with Creamy G with Graziano Di Martino

Let me take you on a brief historical journey back to the early 2000's of Hobart, Tasmania. In this town there was a nightclub called Club Surreal. This venue was a two story joint. Upstairs was the RnB room known as Level 1. Cast your mind into an expansive, dimly lit room dripping with grooves and atmoshpere that lit you like a match as soon as you stepped into it. This was Level 1. Every weekend you would find it full of people dancing and grindin to slow jams and party joints of the RnB flava. The Dj behind the decks navigating the path of these sultry sonic vibes was Graziano Di Martino, better known back then as DJ Gstarr. Cut forward 20 years, Graziano has decided to dust off the headphones and re-emerge under a new moniker: Creamy G. And, instead of in a nightclub you can find his tunes here, at Edge Radio on the RnB with Creamy G Radio Show. I sincerely hope you enjoy the show. Graz x

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