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Obsession Session with Honor

Hobbies are an antidote to our busy, stressful lives. According to positive psychologist Martin Seligman, having a passion or a hobby you put focussed energy and mastery into is one of the key indicators of wellbeing. At Obsession Session, we want to know 'What is it that you can’t not do? It’s not that you CAN do this, it’s that you CAN'T NOT. You could not imagine not following this passion.

Obsession Session is a radio show about passions. In this series, we’ll be exploring the fascinating hobbies that consume our lives. The passions that keep us up working late into the night, or sometimes make us AWOL to your friends and family.

Host Honor Marino is passionate about people. There’s nothing she enjoys more than losing track of time while having a conversation. Her passion for people has influenced her career, from speed dating host to recruitment consultant! In 2017, Honor hosted The Ripple Effect on Edge Radio and is excited to host her own show.

So, what is it that YOU can't not do?

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