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Breakfast on the Brink with Ben Waterworth

The Brink is an institution in Hobart Radio and for ten years has been saving you from the perils of sub-par commercial radio. Nothing is too big or too small for the Brink, from bidding for the Hobart Olympics (estimated date of arrival; Sept 2020) to interviewing Joe Blogs from Glenorchy, the Brink is 'Hobart's Voice for Inclusion'.

Having risen from the primordial ooze and grown legs somewhere around 2004, the Brink radio show has evolved from an afternoon show, to lunch and finally breakfast (after all your Brink fix is your most important meal of the day). Weekly shows turned into bi-weekly shows and finally reached the height of evolutionary advancement late 2013 5 day a week breakfast radio!

The Brink began the game interviewing local MPs, earning points interviewing senators, Aldermen and Councillors in order to finally level up to PMs (past, present and future) in 2011. In between the pollies, the Brink's interviews run the gamut of artists, sports stars, musicians, writers and generally fascinating folk from the Hobart and the world over. At last count, the Brink had clocked over 1000 guests (but hey, who's counting?).

So whether you're a first time listener or long time follower, to keep your fingers on the pulse of Hobart, tune in at 7am weekdays for The Brink.

For more about the Brink or to get your hands on some Brinkalicious podcasts and interviews take yourself right on over to the Brink website.

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